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Next Generation Sequencing, Antibodies (Primary & secondary antibodies), Neuroscience,
Cell Biology Kits & AssaysImmunohistochemistryMolecular BiologyPlant Research
Small RNA Research (siRNA and miRNA) and  Food Safety and Environmental Testing Kits.


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Antibodies Primary & secondary antibodies for cancer research, neuroscience and plant research
Dairy, Environmental and Food Safety Testing Detection of toxins, contaminants and drug residues to EU limits
Immunohistochemistry Antibodies, stains and detection kits for IHC
Molecular Biology PCR & qPCR Super Mixes, DNA markers, Ethidium alternatives, NGS library prep kits and more
Neuroscience Antibodies, kits and reagents for neuroscience
Next Generation Sequencing Library prep kits and barcodes for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Plant Research Antibodies, kits and reagents for plant research
Preclinical Chemistry Assays Assays for preclinical chemistry markers of metabolism and in vivo toxicity
Secondary Antibodies Anti-Goat, Anti-Rabbit, Anti-Mouse and more with multiple conjugates