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Neuroscience Antibodies

Plant Research Antibodies

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Secondary Antibodies


And we are so confident in the quality of our antibodies that they all come with a 100% guarantee.


We can also provide protein ladders for your electrophoresis and blotting work.


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Exosome Antibodies


Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), including exosomes, express antigens with 3D conformations and/or post-translational modifications that often differ from the cellular counterpart. For this reason, most of the antibodies currently available on the market fail to recognize exosome-associated antigens with sufficient sensitivity and specificity.


In collaboration with Exosomics Siena Spa, HansaBioMed has validated a set of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against common exosomal markers (CD63, CD81, ALIX) and disease-specific exosomal markers (cancer and neurodegenerative diseases) as listed below. Follow the links for more details and pricing.


Anti CD9 Antibodies Anti CD63 Antibodies
Anti CD41 Antibodies Anti CD44 Antibodies
Anti CD81 Antibodies Anti Caveolin1 Antibodies
Anti ALIX Antibodies Anti TM9SF4 Antibodies
Anti flotillin Antibodies Anti Rab5 Antibodies
Anti HSP70 Antibodies Anti TM9SF3 Antibodies
Anti TSTA3 Antibodies  


IHC Optimised Antibodies: CD14
AMACR P53 Androgen Receptor


We are happy to announce the availability of 4 new monosan antibodies for AMACR, P53, Androgen Receptor and CD14.


All 4 antibodies have been optimised and fine-tuned with regard to pretreatment methods, dilutions, incubation times, blocking and detection conditions in order to provide perfect immunohistochemistry results.


Available sizes are 0.1 ml, 1 ml and a ready-to-use 7ml vial. Pricing and further information is available on the individual links above.



Neuroscience Antibodies


The ImmunoStar range of antibodies for neuroscience research are put through extensive testing before release to ensure both high quality and high titer, This provides excellent reliability and lot-to-lot consistency. The antibodies have also been specifically tested for use in immunohistochemistry. 


This range of primary antibodies was originally sold by DiaSorin (formerly INCSTAR), but in 2001 it was purchased by Immunostar who have developed it further.


Newmarket Scientific is the UK and Ireland Distributor for the ImmunoStar range of antibodies for neuroscience research.


Neuroscience antibodies

The full range of 60+ neuroscience antibodies is detailed on this link.


Secondary Antibodies


Our range of secondary antibodies includes antibodies to many primary antibody species:


Anti-Human, Anti-Mouse, Anti-Rabbit, Anti-Goat, Anti-Rat, 
Anti-Sheep, Anti-Guinea Pig, Anti-Hamster, Anti-Bovine, 
Anti-Donkey, Anti-Cat, Anti-Dog, Anti-Llama and Anti-Chicken


All secondary antibodies are available as a range of conjugates including Dylight Dyes, HRP, AP, FITC, TRITC and more. 


Follow the link above to select your secondary antibody from a list of options or if you are having difficulty locating it, simply use our contact form or email us at