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Antibodies, kits and related reagents for plant research

Plant Research Antibodies

Our plant research antibody range covers the areas below:


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Global antibodies    Bioenergetics
Carbohydrates    Compartment markers
Developmental biology    DNA/RNA/cell cycle
Environmental stress    Fermentation
Food proteins    Hormones
Mitochondria | Respiration    Membrane transport system
Nitrogen metabolism    Photosynthesis
Plant pathogens    Toxins
Tag antibodies    Secondary antibodies/blocking


Arabidopsis Antibodies

Arabidopsis is a member of the Brassicaceae family, which includes cultivated plant species such as cabbage and radish. Arabidopsis offers significant advantages as a model organism in plant research due to its small genome and as a result is commonly used in the study of meolcular biology in plants.


Newmarket Scientific are the exclusive UK and Ireland Distributor of the Agrisera range of antibodies for plant research. The Agrisera range includes a large number of antibodies reactive to arabidopsis species.


Click here for a list of antibodies we provide which are reactive to arabidopsis species.