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CCK-8 (Cholecystokinin Octapeptide) Antibody ImmunoStar 20078 100uL £273.00
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Product Detail: CCK-8 (Cholecystokinin Octapeptide) Antibody
Background Info: Raised to sulphated CCK-8 (26-33) coupled to bovine thyroglobulin with glutaraldehyde.
Product Type: Antibody - Antibodies
Antibody Type: polyclonal
Format: Lyophilised
Host Animal: Rabbit
Species Reactivity: Mouse, Rat
Immunogen: Sulfated CCK-8 (26-33)
Applications: Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence
Additional Info: The CCK-8 Antibody was raised to sulphated CCK-8 (26-33) coupled to bovine thyroglobulin with glutaraldehyde. The antibody has a proven strong indirect immunofluorescent staining at a 1/100-1/200 dilution and a strong Biotin-Streptavidin/HRP immunostaining at a 1/500-1/1000 dilution in rat hypothalamus and spinal cord.

The specificity of the antiserum was examined by soluble pre-adsorption with the peptides in question at a final concentration of 10-6M CCK-8 immunolabeling was completely abolished by pre-adsorption with CCK-8, gastrin 17 and gastrin 34. Pre-adsorption with the following peptides resulted in no reduction of immunostaining: ?-CGRP, Ÿ-CGRP, neurotensin, somatostatin, substance P, leucine enkephalin, methionine enkephalin, VIP, neuropeptide Y, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, bombesin, glucagon, peptide YY, and FMRF amide.
Product category: Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Hypoxia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Neurobiology, Obesity, Transcription Factor,