Antibodies for plant research and animal cell biology

Agrisera is a specialist antibody producer with an emphasis on plant science and neuroscience.


The plant antibody range includes antibodies against algal and plant antigens with a particular focus on plant cellular compartments antibodies, environmental stress antibodies, nitrogen metabolism and photosynthesis.


Agrisera's neuroscience range includes antibodies for use in Alzheimer's disease research  (including Beta Amyloid antibodies), and Parkinson's disease (Alpha-synuclein).


We also provide antibodies against  bacterial, fungal and insect antigens too!

Agrisera Super Deal

The Agrisera Super Deal is available for orders of a wide range of Agrisera primary antibodies as detailed on this list. Simply select your primary antibody from the list and quote "Agrisera Super Deal" on your order and we will include a matching secondary antibody, which can be used in high dilution (between 1:25,000 and up to 1:50,000 for 1h/RT incubation), and two chemiluminescent detection reagents with different sensitivities (1x5 ml ECLBright - low pico to mid femtogram detection AND 1x5 ml ECL SuperBright - extremely low femtogram detection).


The Agrisera Super Deal provides:

1. Primary antibody of your choice from the list above

2. Secondary antibody Goat anti-Rabbit IgG, HRP-conjugated-trial sample (10 µl)

3. Chemiluminescence detection reagents Agrisera ECL kit (Bright/SuperBright) trial pack ECLBright

Agrisera Secondary Antibody BlotAgrisera ECL Blot



Agrisera - Plant Research Antibodies


Our plant research antibody range covers the areas below:


Please use the search box to find your antibody or for help use our contact form or email


Global antibodies Bioenergetics
Carbohydrates Compartment markers
Developmental biology DNA/RNA/cell cycle
Environmental stress Epigenetics
Fermentation Food proteins
Hormones Membrane transport system
Mitochondria | Respiration Nitrogen metabolism
Photosynthesis Plant pathogens
Tag antibodies Toxins


Plant science antibodies


NEW: Antibodies from Agrisera to HR, CpxA and A1M

We are pleased to announce the availability of 3 new antibodies from Agrisera.


HR | halorhodopsin

Halorhodopsin (HR) is a hyperpolarizing light-driven ion pump from the halophilic archaea bacterium Natronomonas pharaonis. 


CpxA | Conjugative plasmid expression

CpxA (Conjugative Plasmid Expression) is the 458 amino acid  protein, a bacterial inner membrane histidine protein kinase, responsible for sensing misfolded proteins in the periplasm. It is part of CpxA/CpxR two component signal transduction system, where CpxR is the cognate response regulator.


A1M | human alpha-1-microglobulin

Alpha-1-microglobulin is a 27-kDa glycoprotein with immunosuppressive properties. A gene AMBP in the lipocalin cluster encodes alpha-1-microglobulin together with a Kunitz-type proteinase inhibitor, bikunin. The gene is translated into the alpha-1-microglobulin-bikunin precursor, which is subsequently cleaved and the two proteins are secreted to the blood separately.


Plant/Algal - Nitrogen metabolism antibodies


Agrisera have developed a range of antibodies for the study of Nitrogen Metabolism in plants and algae.


Available antibodies include glutamine oxoglutarate aminotransferase (GOGAT) and Glutamine Synthetase (GlnA) including a global GLN antibody, which can be used across a range of different species.


This growing range of antibodies are available in single vials or in larger volumes offering lower pricing.


Click here for the full list of nitrogen metabolism antibodies


Nitrogen metabolism