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NEXTflex® HBOC-1 Amplicon Panel For Illumina Platforms (Barcodes 289 - 384) Bioo Scientific NOVA-4239-06 96 rxns £4669.00
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Product Type: NGS - Illumina Amplicon Panels
Applications: Illumina HBOC-1 Amplicon Panel
Search Terms: Illumina HBOC-1 Amplicon Panel
Application Details: Please use our contact form above to request a copy of the datasheet
Catalogue Number Update: Please note, the catalogue number of this item has changed to include the prefix NOVA-. The original catalogue number (without the "NOVA-" prefix) will still be valid, and the item shipped will be the same as only the catalogue number has changed. The original catalogue number was 4239-06
NGS Applications: HBOC-1 Panel