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NEXTflex 16s V1-V3 Amplicon-Seq Kit (Barcodes 1-96) Bioo Scientific NOVA-4202-04 192 rxns £2071.00
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Product Detail: The NEXTflex 16S V1 - V3 Amplicon-Seq Kit is designed for the preparation of multiplexed amplicon libraries that span the hypervariable domains one through three (V1-V3) of microbial 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes. These libraries are compatible with paired-end sequencing on the MiSeq Illumina® sequencing platform.
Background Info: All products sold by Bioo Scientific are intended for research use only unless otherwise indicated. This product is not intended for diagnostic or drug purposes, or for use in humans.
Product Type: NGS - 16s V1-3
Applications: 16s V1-V3, Metagenomics
Search Terms: 16s V1-V3, Metagenomics
Additional Info: There are two main steps involved in 16S V1-V3 amplicon processing: an initial PCR amplification using customized PCR primers that target the V1-V3 domains, and a subsequent PCR amplification that integrates relevant flow cell binding domains and unique 12 base pair sample indices. The limited number of cleanup steps ensures maximum recovery of amplicons for downstream sequencing.
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