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Newmarket Scientific - NS Reagents MB19-22010 10 Isolations £20.00
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Product Detail: NS Reagents DNA Clean is for the rapid purification of DNA after DNA reactions, removing enzymes and other contaminants in the process. Providing up to 99% recovery, it can be used for DNA fragments, plasmid DNA and genomic DNA from 50 bp to 20 kb, with optimum recovery for lengths of 100 bp to 10 kb. Primers are removed naturally as part of the process.

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Background Info: The DNA purification procedure uses spin columns which bind nucleic acids. The Bind Buffer breaks down proteins and goes pink if the pH is too high for optimal DNA binding (see detailed protocol). The wash steps remove impurities and enzyme inhibitors and the purified DNA is then eluted. Purified DNA can be eluted in TAE or TBE buffer or water and used in most downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, sequencing etc or stored for later use.
Product Type: NS Reagents DNA Purification Kit
Format: Kit
Storage Temp: Store at Ambient Temperature (15-25°C), (shelf life is at least 12 months)
Applications: DNA Cleanup
Additional Info: Available as 10, 50 or 5x50 isolations
Application Details: See Datasheet/Manual
Antibody Number: 22010
Category: DNA Purification
Other names: DNA Purification kit, DNA Clean up kit
Research Areas: Molecular Biology
NS Reagents Product Area: Molecular Biology
Release Date: Oct-19