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MaxDiscovery Bradford Assay Kit Bioo Scientific 3440-01 1000 determinations £220.00
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Product Detail: This protein assay, based on the method of Bradford, is a simple and accurate procedure for determining protein concentration.

The Bradford Assay is a dye-binding assay in which a differential color change of a dye occurs in response to various concentrations of protein. The absorbance maximum for an acidic solution of Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 dye shifts from 465 nm to 595 nm when binding to protein. The Coomassie blue dye binds to primarily basic and aromatic amino acid residues, especially arginine. Protein extraction and sample dilution buffer are included in the kit to avoid interactions with buffer and detergent components. The diluted, ready-to-use BSA standards are also included with the kit.

• Fast – extraction completed in 5–60 min
Vesatile - compatible with commonly used detergents and reducing agents
• High recovery rate (75 - 95%)
• High reproducibility
• Complete kit – contains extraction & sample dilution buffer & ready-to-use protein standards
• Economical
Background Info: All products sold by Bioo Scientific are intended for research use only unless otherwise indicated. This product is not intended for diagnostic or drug purposes, or for use in humans.
Product Type: Protein Detection - Protein Quantitation
Additional Info: MEASUREMENT: microtiter plate reader (595 nm)

TESTS PER KIT: The kit has the capacity for 1000 determinations of protein concentration in the 96-well format.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months when stored under optimal conditions

SAMPLE SIZE: 20 uL/well

SAMPLE TYPES: cells, serum and tissue