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NextExpress Protein Expression Kit Bioo Scientific 340403 For 5 L culture £1351.00
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Product Detail: The NextExpress Protein Expression Kit consists of a proprietary formulation for large-scale protein expression in mammalian cells. Mammalian expression systems are superior to other expression systems, notably insect cells and bacteria, because the near-native translocation machinery and lipid milieu encountered when expressing membrane proteins in human cells leads to less misfolding and degradation.

The NextExpress Transfection Reagent, a core component of the NextExpress Protein Expression Kit, is designed for transient transfection of high density cultures of HEK (human embryonic kidney) 293 and CHO cell systems. The high-efficiency, proprietary lipid and peptide-based transfection reagent and transfection enhancers are designed to power the highest possible level of protein expression.

This kit offers robust and scalable transfections for culture volumes of less than 1 mL to greater than 10 liters, while maintaining equivalent volumetric protein yields.

Membrane protein expression: Membrane proteins are difficult to express, as they can be toxic to host cells and/or cause inclusion bodies, which limit protein yield. Additionally, tedious optimization makes purification difficult and time consuming.

The Nextfect Protein Expression Kit overcomes these challenges, producing high yields of recombinant membrane proteins (soluble, peripheral, and integral). Further, detergents available separately as ancillary components are useful in screening for solubility of the expressed membrane protein.

Up to Grams per Liter Expression: When combined into a single expression system and optimized via multi-factorial advances, significant increases in protein expression levels were obtained. In a single, easy-to-use format, the NextExpress Protein Expression Kit yields up to gram quantities of recombinant protein per liter of cell culture.
Background Info: All products sold by Bioo Scientific are intended for research use only unless otherwise indicated. This product is not intended for diagnostic or drug purposes, or for use in humans. [QUALITY CONTROL] Tested for DNase and RNase activity and cell culture functional performance. [STORAGE] Store at 4°C upon arrival. Do not freeze. [SHELF LIFE] Shelf life is 6 months when stored correctly.
Product Type: Protein Expression
Additional Info: BENEFITS:
>>> Unique system for robust expression and purification of membrane proteins in eukaryotic cells.
>>> Achieves 2- to 10-fold higher yield than other transfection reagents
>>> High cytoplasmic and secretory protein yields
>>> Compatible with HEK293 and CHO cell expression systems
>>> Simple, rapid protocol with fewer steps for consistent, reproducible results
>>> Easy to optimize due to excellent cell viability
>>> Superior adaptability in commercially available serum-free medium
>>> Cost effective solution offering much lower price than other reagents
Cat_no: 340403