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QuickSTAR Strip Reader Bioo Scientific 1952-02 1 Unit Call for Pricing
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Product Detail: The QuickSTAR Strip Reader is a patented ruggedized handheld lateral flow testing system that provides rapid quantitative assay results and increases testing throughput and efficiency. The unit features a rechargeable lithium battery, a color touchscreen menu driven interface, and provides users test results in less than 5 seconds. The unit is compatible with a wide array of pre-programmed test types and is software upgradeable to accommodate additional assays. The QuickSTAR Strip Reader includes the handheld device, a USB sync cable, and user-friendly QuickSTAR Data Management Software Suite for easy viewing, printing, archiving, and exporting of test results.

This strip reader has been approved for use with all of Bioo Scientific’s AuroFlow Strip Tests.

• Increase testing throughput and efficiency with the ability to automatically test >500 assays per hour with a single unit
• Eliminate costly false positives and negatives by automatically determining results
• Archive and track test results trends over time to improve QA/QC and meet new government testing standards
• Reduce retesting and supply and reagent waste
Product Type: Lab Equipment
Additional Info: >>> Custom software interface allows for multiple test types to be easily programmed using an intuitive user interface.

>>> Large display shows user enhanced images of all tests directly on the handheld device and on the desktop PC via a custom data manager program.

>>> Fully quantitative results in under 15 seconds.

>>> Automatic calibration and control verification.

>>> Optical cartridge recognition can be programmed to recognize unique features of test types automatically and verify proper insertion and authenticity.

>>> Data manager program tracks and displays original images of test strips and biochips in addition to reporting quantitative value, user name, lot id, date, and device id.

>>> Complete systems including docking and charging cradle available.
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