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Agrisera AS19 4295 50 µl £284.00
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Background Info: Malate synthase is involved in the synthesis of (S)-malate from isocitrate, where it catalyses the reaction: acetyl-CoA + glyoxylate + H(2)O = (S)-malate + CoA + H(+). This is part of the glyoxylate cycle, which is itself part of carbohydrate metabolism.
Product Type: Antibody
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Format: Lyophilized
Storage Temp: Store lyophilized/reconstituted at -20°C; once reconstituted make aliquots to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Please, remember to spin tubes briefly prior to opening them to avoid any losses that might occur from lyophilized material adhering to the cap or sides of the tubes.
Host Animal: Rabbit
Species Reactivity: Nicotiana tabacum
Expected Species: Arabidopsis thaliana, Cajanus cajan, Cinnamomum micranthum f. kanehirae, Cucumis sativus, Cucurbita maxima, Fagus sylvatica, Glycine max, Jatropha curcas, Morus notabilis, Mucuna pruriens, Parasponia andersonii, Theobroma cacao, Trema orientale
Immunogen: KLH-conjugated peptide derived from Cucurbita maxima UniProt: P24571
Applications: Western blot (WB)
Additional Info: Experimental contitions: 5 µg of total protein extracted freshly from 3-4 weeks old plant leaves with a blender at 4 °C in 300 mM Sorbitol, 50 mM HEPES, 5mM MgCl2. Separated on 10 % SDS-PAGE and blotted 1h to PVDF, semi-dry. Blot was blocked with 6 % milk for 1h 4°C with agitation. Blot was incubated in the primary antibody at a dilution of 1: 1 000 ON at 4°C with agitation. According to South et. al (2019).
Application Details: 1 : 1000 (WB)
Purity: Serum
Reconstitution: For reconstitution add 50 µl, of sterile water.
Related products: Collection of antibodies for carbohydrate metabolism
Molecular Weight: 65 kDa
Not reactive in: Sorghum bicolor
Selected references: South et. al (2019). Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the field. Science 2019 Jan 4;363(6422), DOI: 10.1126/science.aat9077
UniProt number: P24571
TAIR number: TAIR