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Product Search Results: Amyloid Oligomers (A11)

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Product Search Results: Amyloid Oligomers (A11)

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StressMarq SPC-506D 100 µl £253.00
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Product Detail: This antibody is available conjugated to the following 23 tags: AP (Alkaline Phosphatase), HRP (Horseradish peroxidase), Biotin, Streptavidin, Dylights 350, 405, 488, 594, 633, APC/Cy7; ATTO 390, ATTO 488, ATTO 565, ATTO 594, PE/ATTO594, ATTO633, ATTO 655, ATTO 680, ATTO700, FITC, R-PE, APC, PerCP. Please call for pricing.
Background Info: Amyloid monomeric proteins can sometimes oligomerize into destructive amyloid fibrils. Amyloidogenic conformations of non-disease related proteins can be created by partial protein misfolding or denaturation. Many degenerative diseases are known to be related to the accumulation of misfolded proteins as amyloid fibres (1, 2). These include the amyloid-? peptide plaques and tau neurofibrillary tangles in senile plaques of Alzheimer's symptomology, the deposition of ?-synuclein in the Lewy bodies of Parkinson's disease, and accumulation of polyglutamine-containing aggregates in Huntington's disease (2, 3).
Product Type: Antibodies
Format: PBS, 50% glycerol, 0.09% sodium azide
Storage Temp: -20ºC
Host Animal: Rabbit
Species Reactivity: Hu | Ms | Rt | Eu
Immunogen: Synthetic molecular mimic of soluble oligomers
Applications: WB | IHC | ICC/IF | IP | ELISA
Application Details: WB (1:200), IP (1:200); optimal dilutions for assays should be determined by the user.
Research Area(s): Neuroscience | Cell Signaling | Cardiovascular System | Blood
Target: Amyloid
Conjugate: Unconjugated
Alternative Name(s): Amyloid Oligomer alpha beta Antibody, A11 Antibody, Amyloid Oligomer AlphaBeta Antibody, APP Antibody
Category: Polyclonal
Immunogen Species: Human
Accession Number: NM_000484.2
Gene ID: 9606
Swiss-Prot: P05067
Species Reactivity Full Name: Human | Mouse | Rat | Eukaryote
Purification: Protein A Purified
Specificity: Recognizes all types of amyloid oligomers. Appears to recognize a peptide backbone epitope that is common to amyloid oligomers, but is not found in native proteins, amyloidogenic monomer or mature amyloid fibrils.
Certificate of Analysis: A 1:200 dilution of SPC-506 was sufficient for detection of amyloid oligomers in 10 µg of mouse brain lysates by colorimetric immunoblot analysis using Goat anti-rabbit IgG:HRP as the secondary antibody.
Cellular Localization: Membrane
References: 1. Glabe C.G. (2004) Trends Biochem Sci. 29(10): 542-547.
2. Kayed R., et al. (2004) J Bio. Chem. 279: 46363-46366.
3. Kayed R., et al. (2003) Science. 300(5618): 486-489.
Tarriff Code: 3002.15.0000
ADR Code: Non-hazardous
UN Code for transport: Non-hazardous
Country of Origin: Canada
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