NEW: NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit - 2 hour library prep protocol

NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit. This kit offers a streamlined 2 hour (or less) library prep protocol. Follow this link for more information on the NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit or visit our NGS Page for details of the full range.


The NEXTflex™ Rapid DNA-Seq Kit (Part of the Bioo Scientific Next Generation Sequencing range) allows researchers to build sequencing-ready libraries for use on Illumina’s sequencing platforms starting with as little as 1 ng of DNA in two hours or less. This kit is ideal for use with genomic DNA, FFPE samples, ChIP DNA and low input clinical samples. 


The NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit is highly flexible in terms of sample requirements, accommodating a 3-log range of input DNA amounts from 1 ng to 1 µg. A bead-based, gel-free size selection protocol eliminates the need for agarose gels in size selection, and the availability of up to 96 unique adapter barcodes facilitates high-throughput applications. The NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit incorporates “Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology”, which facilitates ligation of long adapters, resulting in longer and more diverse sequencing reads. Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex Ligation and Polymerase reaction mixes ensure the highest quality libraries for superior performance. 


Flexible Multiplexing Options 


The NEXTflex™ Adapters are long, annealed adapters containing indexed sequences that offer an improved multiplexing workflow and flexible setup. These barcodes can be used with single, paired-end and multiplex reads. The NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit is designed to be used with the NEXTflex™ and NEXTflex-96™ DNA Barcodes for 10 ng or more of starting material or the NEXTflex™ and NEXTflex-96™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes for less than 10 ng of starting material. These barcodes are available in sets of 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 unique indexed adapters.


Key Points:


  • Flexible amounts of input DNA from 1 ng to 1 µg
  • Fast workflow requiring 2 hours or less, with minimal hands-on time
  • Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology offers a larger number of unique sequencing reads
  • Creates libraries with less bias than alternative methods
  • Automation-friendly workflow is compatible with liquid handlers
  • Flexible barcode options - Kits containing up to 96 unique barcodes
  • Prepare single, paired-end and multiplexed genomic DNA libraries
  • Further information is available at from Newmarket Scientific.


 Follow this link for more information on the NEXTflex™ Rapid DNA-Seq Kit or visit our NGS Page for details of the full Next Generation Sequencing range.