HOT FIREPol EvaGreen qPCR Supermix

Solis BioDyne's new 5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen qPCR Supermix includes a new, highly efficient qPCR buffer which when combined with the EvaGreen dye, delivers a mastermix with truly impressive performance on any platform.


The Mix has eveything needed for your reaction. You just add the template and primers to provide you with highly sensitive qPCR.


Highly Sensitive and Effective qPCR:


• Superior sensitivity on low copy number targets

• UNG treatment capable due to dUTP addition

• Suitable for fragments up to 500 bp

• Suitable for GC-rich targets

• Based on EvaGreen® chemistry, one of the most sensitive dyes available



No loss of activity should your polymerase be left on the bench over night!
Solis BioDyne polymerases are even shipped at room temperature so there are
dry-ice shipping charges.

 HOT FIREPol SuperMix


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