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Highlighted Antibody - SMA (Smooth Muscle Actin) Clone BS66

Anti-SMA is used for detection of leiomyomatous and myofibroblastic tumours, GIST and mesenchymal tumours.


This antibody to smooth muscle specific alpha actin (SMA) stains actin from Smooth muscle cells, myoepithelial cells and myofibroblasts without cross-reaction with skeletal muscle.


This antibody provides truly optimal staining and as with all our antibodies we provide a 100% guarantee, so trying it really is risk free.


Suggested Protocol after paraffin removal and rehydration:


1. Pretreatment: HIER pH9

2. Wash (TBS-Tween)

3. Primary antibody: SMA 1:100 – 1:400, 30 min.

4. Wash

5. 3% H2O2, 10 min 

6. Wash

7. HRP One-Step Polymer, 30 min

8. Wash

9. Wash

10. DAB high contrast Kit, 10 min

11. Aqua

12. CuSO4 -post enhancement, 5 min

13. Aqua

14. Counter staining in diluted Mayer, 1 min

15. Bluing, 7 min in tap water

16. Dehydration, clearing and mounting


Optibodies™ are mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies that have been developed specifically for use in immunohistochemistry to have high affinity and high specificity to their target antigens, give a high signal to noise ratio and can be used to achieve an intensive and specific staining.


Anti-SMA (Clone BS66)  Anti-SMA datasheet.jpg


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