Bioo Scientific

Molecular biology reagents, cytokine assays, antibodies and food & feed safety products

Newmarket Scientific is the exclusive UK and Ireland Distributor for Bioo Scientific.



NGS Library Prep Kits - NEXTflex


Bioo Scientific offers a wide range of reagents for life science with a focus on Next Generation Sequencing Library Prep Kits, this rapidly expanding line of life science kits and reagents includes kits for a wide range of NGS sample types as well as purification kits.



Food and Feed Safety Products


Bioo Scientific is also a market leader in kits for food and feed safety testing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of food and feed safety products for the detection of veterinary drug residues, antibiotics, microbial and industrial contaminants, natural toxin and the analysis of food constituents.


The PerkinElmer Genomics and Proteomics Roadshow - May 2019


Visit the PerkinElmer Genomics and Proteomics Roadshow in May 2019.


- 2-3rd May         Milton Park (Oxford)

- 7-9th May         Proteomics User Group Meeting Dublin

- 13th May          Babraham Campus, proteomics focus

- 14th May          Genomics User Group Meeting UK Biocentre Milton Keynes

- 16-17th May     Norwich Science Park


All day long, open access with demonstrations:

• Medium to high throughput DNA / RNA extraction and automation benefits
• DNA / RNA quality control and quantitation
• NGS library preparation
• Better LC/MS/MS detection for your applications
• Optimized biotherapeutics workflow
• How Liquid handling automation improves reproducibility


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