Next Generation Sequencing

NGS Library prep kits and barcodes for DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, qRNA-Seq, directional RNA-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, Amplicon-Seq and more

Bioo Scientific's NEXTflex™ Sequencing Kits and Barcodes feature enhanced adapter ligation technology giving the best ligation and amplification efficiency available in a library preparation kit (as shown in these white papers).


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Nextflex Rapid DNA-Seq and Rapid RNA-Seq kits offer streamlined protocols with minimal hands on time. 


Validated automation protocols for PerkinElmer's Sciclone NGS Workstation for the NEXTflex DNA & RNA kits


Bioo Rapid Directional qRNA Seq


The NEW NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional qRNA-Seq™ kit utilises patent pending technology to generate stranded molecular indexed libraries enabling high precision, quantitative measurement of gene expression. Find out how the technology works in this white paper.


Nkt nextflex features apr14

Bioo Cell Free DNA Seq



Illumina compatible kits


Illumina Compatible DNA Sequencing Kits

NEXTflex™ Rapid DNA-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ DNA Sequencing kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Rapid DNA-Seq Kit Bundle with DNA Barcodes

NEXTflex™ Cell Free DNA-Seq kit and barcodes

NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Pre-Capture Combo kit (NimbleGen SeqCap v3 Compatible)


Illumina compatible Amplicon Sequencing Kits

NEXTflex™ 16S V1-V3 Amplicon-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ 16S V4 Amplicon-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit (48 Barcodes)


Illumina compatible Methyl Sequencing Kits

NEXTflex™ Methyl-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Bisulfite Seq kits and barcodes


Illumina compatible RNA Sequencing kits

NEXTflex™ Rapid RNA-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional RNA-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Directional RNA-Seq kits and barcodes - dUTP based

NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional mRNA-Seq Kit Bundle with RNA-Seq Barcodes and beads

NEXTflex™ Small-RNA Seq kits and barcodes with randomised adapters

NEXTflex™ Poly(A) Beads for batch purification of mRNA from total RNA.


Illumina compatible qRNA Sequencing kits (Patent Pending)

NEXTflex™ qRNA-Seq kits and barcodes

NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional qRNA-Seq kits and barcodes


Ion Torrent compatible kits

NEXTflex™ DNA-Seq Kits and Barcodes for Ion Torrent


Roche NimbleGen SeqCap EZ compatible Kits


NEXTflex™ Pre-Capture Combo Kit 


Nucleic acid isolation kits for NGS

NEXTPrep™ Blood DNA Isolation Kit

NEXTprep™ Bacteria DNA Isolation Kit

NEXTprep™ Small RNA Isolation Kit


Blog and White Papers


For NGS tech tips, news and exciting developments in the field of Next Generation Sequencing visit the Bioo Scientific NGS Blog:

 The Bioo Scientific Next Generation Sequencing Blog


And read our nature|methods application notes (white papers): 

"Randomized Adapters for Reducing Bias in Small RNA-Seq Libraries" 

"Quantitative, Directional, and Standard RNA-Seq" 

"16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing Offers Enhanced Metagenomic Detection"

"Achieving High Coverage and Yield from GC and AT Rich Genomes in NGS Library Preparation"


"Tools for Enhancing Sequence Diversity and Reducing Bias in DNA-seq Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Preparation" 



"Nature Methods Application Note: "Molecular indexing for improved RNA-Seq analysis in NGS"

"Directional qRNA-Seq Combining the Power of Stranded RNA-Seq with the Quantitative Precision of Molecular Labels"