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Protein detection, protein quantitation, toxicity, blood chemistry and reporter assays

Our cell biology kits and assays range covers protein detection, preclinical chemistry, purification of nucleic acid from cellular particles and much more than we can list here, so if you can't find the kit you need, simply use our contact form or e-mail us and we'll find it for you.


Protein Detection:

Protein quantitationReporter AssaysGene-specific Cytokine ELISAs,

Western Blotting kitsIn-Cell ELISA


NextExpress Protein Expression Kit


Preclinical Chemistry/Toxicity Assays


ExoMir - Extraction of RNA (such as miRNA) from microparticles


D-pop - Extraction of DNA from apoptotic bodies


NextExpress Protein Expression Kit

The NextExpress Protein Expression Kit is a proprietary system for large-scale protein expression in eukaryotic cells. It provides superior expression of membrane proteins and high yields of cytoplasmic and secretory proteins.


The NextExpress Protein Expression Kit is also compatible with HEK293 and CHO cell expression systems, and is highly adaptable to commercial serum-free medium.

NextExpress Protein Expression Kit

HEK 293F suspension cells were transfected with pDNA containing viral ORF (encoding a viral capsid protein p72 with transmembrane domains) using NextExpress™ Protein Expression Reagent. 72 hours post-transfection cells were lysed and membrane protein was detergent solubilised. Protein was purified using 2 step affinity and ion-exchange chromatography.


Key Features and Benefits:

Unique system for robust expression and purification of membrane proteins in eukaryotic cells. 

Achieves 2- to 10-fold higher yield than other transfection reagents 

High cytoplasmic and secretory protein yields 

Compatible with HEK293 and CHO cell expression systems 

Simple, rapid protocol with fewer steps for consistent, reproducible results 

Easy to optimise due to excellent cell viability 

Superior adaptability in commercially available serum-free medium 

Significant cost saving compared to other reagents available 


Pricing is available on this link or for additional information or a copy of the datasheet please use our contact form or email us at


Aspartate Transaminase (AST) and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Colour Endpoint Assays


The MaxDiscovery™ Aspartate Transaminase (AST) and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Colour Endpoint Assays from Bioo Scientific allow the visible detection of in vivo toxicity using only 5 µL of serum from rodents or other mammals.


Employing simplified endpoint analysis these assays offer high sensitivity, low detection limits and of course the ability to use a visible plate reader.


Also both kits contain ready-to-use product standards for the development of standard curves and accurate calibration of the assay.



Most importantly for the LDH assay, unlike previous LDH tests, the MaxDiscovery™ LDH Color Endpoint Assay kit measures the direct chemical conversion of LDH and does not rely on coupled enzymatic amplification for its high precision, quantitative measurements.


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